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Community Based Education in Nurturing Parenting

10 Group-Based Sessions

The Community Based Education in Nurturing Parenting is a series of ten independent 60 to 90 minute lessons on CD. 
The lessons are a versatile means of educating families in the community on the philosophy and skills of Nurturing Parenting, a proven evidenced based parenting program.

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CD Includes...

    Ten independent lessons each 60 to 90 minutes long. 

    Lessons are presented in Power Point & Overhead Transparencies to meet your style of training. Lesson Plans include goals, objectives, discussion topics, interactive activities, worksheets, & handouts for parents. 

    Included on the CD is the ability to create color slides designed for overhead and/or Power Point presentations to meet your style of training. Customize your trainings by entering your agency’s name, work-shop location & dates on flyers, postcards & training signs that accompany each lesson. Parents receive name badges, lesson handouts & customized certificates of participation.

    Customizing options: Flyers, postcards, name tags, “This Way” sign and a choice of five certificates of completion.

    No need for hours of preparation. Each lesson comes with all the materials you need to conduct your workshop. Home practice assignments allow parents the chance to use and share the knowledge gained in class at home with their family and friends.

Ten Independent Lessons...

    Ten independent lessons each 60 to 90 minutes long. 

    1. Understanding Feelings
    2. Alternatives to Spanking
    3. Communicating with Respect
    4. Building Self-Worth in Children
    5. Praising Children & their Behavior
    6. Ages & Stages of Growth for Infants & Toddlers
    7. The Philosophy and Practices of Nurturing Parenting
    8. Learning Positive Ways to Deal with Stress & Anger
    9. Understanding & Developing Family Morals, Values & Rules
    10. Ways to Enhance Positive Brain Development in Children & Teens

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