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Designed for at-risk youth, teen parents & families experiencing moderate levels of dysfunction.

"Nurturing God's Way"

21 Group-Based Sessions

This program is ideally suited for families who embrace the beliefs of Christianity and the practices of Nurturing Parenting. The Nurturing God's Way program is an adaptation of the Nurturing Program philosophy and lessons designed and implemented specifically for parents of Christian faith.

Contact: Sue Laney, Author and Trainer of Facilitators - 770.972.3664 or

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    "Nurturing God's Way" Parenting Program for Christian Families® is based on Biblical principles in creating a family-based program to increase nurturing parenting skills. This cultural adaptation of the Nurturing Parenting Program® incorporates the basic philosophy of nurturing parenting, Biblical scriptures, and the need to rear children in a safe and trusting home where love and compassion mix with discipline to form healthy parent-child bonds. Individuals planning to be parents someday, teaching children in some capacity, and/or currently parenting, grandparenting will benefit by participating in this program.

    • Twenty-one 2 hour sessions meet one day a week for 21 consecutive weeks
    • Each session is Biblically based
    • Program focuses on the whole counsel of God
    • Encouraging healthy brain development

    Attendee’s learn why forgiveness and prayer are vital within a family, how morals are developed, what the Bible says about physical discipline, behavior management, and more. Children’s component can be incorporated using other Nurturing Parenting Program curricula for the appropriate age group of the children involved in the program. Parents and facilitators alike report they have been on a spiritual retreat after participating in this program.

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