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Teen Parents & Their Children

26 Group / 50 Home-Based Sessions

Group-Based -
Teen parents attend 26 group-based sessions. Each session lasts 2 1/2 hours with a break in-between. Lessons address issues of being a teen, a teen parent, and a member of a family. Teens practice parenting skills with their children during class time. 

Home-Based - Teen parents participate in 50 home visitations each session lasting approximately 1 1/2 hours. Grandparents are invited to participate in the lessons at the home visitors' discretion.

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Program Description - Group...

    Activities provided to the children are age appropriate. Facilitators utilize the Nurturing Book for Babies and Children and the Lesson Guide for Children.

    Twenty-six 2 ½ hour sessions that meet one day a week for 26 consecutive weeks. The first 70 minutes address parenting skills and the remaining 50 minutes teach self-nurturing. Parents and children attend separate groups that meet concurrently then enjoy 30 minutes of Family Nurturing Time together.

Program Description - Home...

    The Nurturing Book for Babies and Children is utilized as the guide to build parent-infant attachment. Each home visit has 30 minutes of scheduled parent-child time.

    Fifty 1½ hour sessions that meet one day a week for 50 consecutive weeks. Parents and children are engaged in Family Nurturing Time for the remaining 30 minutes. Parents meet with Home Visitor for the first hour to learn a new concept regarding self and parenting.

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Easy Reader Parent Handbook (NPER)
Teen Parents & Their Children - Activities Manual - Group (NP4AMTG)
Teen Parents & Their Children - Activities Manual - Home (NP4AMTH)
Teen Parents & Their Children - Teen Parent Handbook (NP4PHB)
Resource Materials
Implementation Manual (NPIMP)
Multicultural Parenting Guide (MCG)
Nurturing Book for Babies & Children (NBBC)
Red, White, & Bruises Booklet (RWB)
DVDs and CDs
I'm Only Doing This For Your Own Good DVD (SPK2DVD)
Infant Massage Short Version DVD (IFMSDVD)
Red, White, & Bruises DVD (SPK1DVD)
Teen Parents - Parenting DVDs (NP4DVD)
Visualization CD (V-CD)
Ask It - Tell It Card Game (ASK)
Nurturing Game (NG)
Assessments and Evaluations
AAPI / PARTI / NSCS Online Administrations (AOL) ***added to your account within 1-2 business days
Evaluation Forms - pkg/120 (EF)
Family Logs - pkg/120 (FL)
Family Performance Chart - Teen pkg/120 (FRPC-4)
Instructional Aids
Feeling Faces - pkg/15 (FF)
Certificates for Children - pkg/20 (CERC)
Certificates for Facilitator's - pkg/20 (CERF)
Certificates for Parent's - pkg/20 (CERP)
Certificates for Volunteer's - pkg/20 (CERV)
Optional Online Resources
AAPI / NSCS Online Reporting Module (AOL-RM) ***added to your account within 1-2 business days
Optional Professional Manuals
A Fourteen-Step Quick Implementation Guide (PIM#3)
Assessment, Evaluation & Research: Examining Parenting History, Beliefs, Knowledge & Skills (PIM#2)
Nurturing Parenting Programs Catalog (CATALOG)
Optional Supplemental Materials
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Families Supplemental - Lesson Guide for Teaching Adults (LGBT-LGA)
Native American Parenting Supplemental Lesson Guide (NA-LGA)
Teen Parents & Their Children Program (NP4)