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Teen Parents & Their Children

26 Group / 50 Home-Based Sessions

Group-Based -
Teen parents attend 26 group-based sessions. Each session lasts 2 1/2 hours with a break in-between. Lessons address issues of being a teen, a teen parent, and a member of a family. Teens practice parenting skills with their children during class time. 

Home-Based - Teen parents participate in 50 home visitations each session lasting approximately 1 1/2 hours. Grandparents are invited to participate in the lessons at the home visitors' discretion.

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Program Description - Group...

    Activities provided to the children are age appropriate. Facilitators utilize the Nurturing Book for Babies and Children and the Lesson Guide for Children.

    Twenty-six 2 ½ hour sessions that meet one day a week for 26 consecutive weeks. The first 70 minutes address parenting skills and the remaining 50 minutes teach self-nurturing. Parents and children attend separate groups that meet concurrently then enjoy 30 minutes of Family Nurturing Time together.

Program Description - Home...

    The Nurturing Book for Babies and Children is utilized as the guide to build parent-infant attachment. Each home visit has 30 minutes of scheduled parent-child time.

    Fifty 1½ hour sessions that meet one day a week for 50 consecutive weeks. Parents and children are engaged in Family Nurturing Time for the remaining 30 minutes. Parents meet with Home Visitor for the first hour to learn a new concept regarding self and parenting.

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Easy Reader Parent Handbook (NPER)
Teen Parents & Their Children - Activities Manual - Group (NP4AMTG)
Teen Parents & Their Children - Activities Manual - Home (NP4AMTH)
Teen Parents & Their Children - Teen Parent Handbook (NP4PHB)
Resource Materials
Implementation Manual (NPIMP)
Multicultural Parenting Guide (MCG)
Nurturing Book for Babies and Children (NBBC)
Red, White, and Bruises Booklet (RWB)
DVDs and CDs
I'm Only Doing This For Your Own Good DVD (SPK2DVD)
Infant Massage Short Version DVD (IFMSDVD)
Red, White, & Bruises DVD (SPK1DVD)
Teen Parents - Parenting DVDs (NP4DVD)
Visualization CD (V-CD)
Ask It - Tell It Card Game (ASK)
Nurturing Game (NG)
Assessments and Evaluations
AAPI / PARTI / NSCS Online Administrations (AOL) ***added to your account within 1-2 business days
Evaluation Forms - pkg/120 (EF)
Family Logs - pkg/120 (FL)
Family Performance Chart - Teen pkg/120 (FRPC-4)
Instructional Aids
Feeling Faces - pkg/15 (FF)
Certificates for Children - pkg/20 (CERC)
Certificates for Facilitator's - pkg/20 (CERF)
Certificates for Parent's - pkg/20 (CERP)
Certificates for Volunteer's - pkg/20 (CERV)
Optional Online Resources
AAPI / NSCS Online Reporting Module (AOL-RM) ***added to your account within 1-2 business days
Optional Professional Manuals
A Fourteen-Step Quick Implementation Guide (PIM#3)
Assessment, Evaluation & Research: Examining Parenting History, Beliefs, Knowledge & Skills (PIM#2)
Nurturing Parenting Programs Catalog (CATALOG)
Optional Supplemental Materials
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Families Supplemental - Lesson Guide for Teaching Adults (LGBT-LGA)
Native American Parenting Supplemental Lesson Guide (NA-LGA)
Teen Parents & Their Children Program (NP4)